FUNRULY is an immersive design studio specializing in the creation of memorable experiences through story, brand and architecture.  With a passion for the theater of space and an experience driven by story, our objective is simple ... create a fresh experience; something that people remember, desire and talk about!  We are both artist and architect, dreamer and doer; an interdisciplinary studio that thrives on delivering exceptional spaces that connect with guests.  So when you are ready to venture into the highest heights of the blue sky process to dream your next project, we'll provide the oxygen.

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What is it we do you ask?  Great question!  We are passionate about providing a range of services to assist each client in accomplishing their objectives for their space and guest experience.  While we may not provide every service we offer on your project, our range of capabilities help support and inform the services we are engaged to provide, so that there is a cohesive and in-depth approach as part of the team.  Click the icon to see more.

Who do we serve?  Another great question!  We serve a wide variety of clients and market sectors with designs geared toward elevating and transcending traditional spaces.  With "experience" becoming an expectation for guest experiences, it is vital to consider how your project will connect with each guest.  This experience based approach to design applies to just about every type of space.  Click the icon to see more.

Take a look at some examples of spaces and designs created over the years.  Ranging from concepts to working drawings, we are passionate about creating experiences in spaces that connect guests with the built environment.  There isn't any thing that can't be dreamed, and with a strong working background in architecture and construction, we approach each project with a forward looking lens.  Click the icon to see more.

We love to talk shop and all things creative!  You will see right away that we are passionate about our craft, and it shows in all we do.  Whether your space is existing or new, we would love to explore an immersive and/or themed approach to elevate the guest experience.  The "experience" helps transcend any space, and we would welcome chatting with you to show you how.  Click the icon to schedule a creative consultation.

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