FUNRULY is an immersive design studio specializing in the creation of memorable experiences through story, brand and architecture.  With a passion for the theater of space with an experience driven by story, our objective is simple ... create a fresh experience; something that people remember, desire and talk about!  We are both artist and architect, dreamer and doer; an interdisciplinary studio that thrives on delivering exceptional spaces that connect with guests.  So when you are ready to venture into the highest heights of the blue sky process to dream your next project, we'll provide the oxygen.  Because after all ...

... every story has a space to tell!

the fundamentals of our approach




The power of story has been alive and well since the beginning of time.  As kids we played by them, as students we learned through them, as parents we shared with them, and as creatives we design with them.  Understanding what makes a story intriguing, and understanding the key elements of a great story, translates directly into the design of the space that tells it.  Good stories affect us and move us in a desired direction, they have both purpose and power.  So how we craft the story and develop the elements they possess, informs the way the space responds in design.

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