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With extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients and diverse market sectors, FUNRULY provides creative consultation for unique immersive experiences and themed environments to an even bigger audience that focuses on guest-centric spaces.  We provide services directly to the developer of a project, and/or serve as a creative consultant to other studios and firms.  In either case, our objective is the same ... deliver a memorable experience that emotionally connects guests to the narrative of the space!



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FUNRULY was founded by a working licensed architect; but not necessarily to practice architecture as much as to provide innovative experience based designs with a strong working knowledge of the "architectural process" with in any given project.  As architect, designs are considered in their deliverable state from the earliest initial discussion.  We assist other architecture studios as an "experience consultant", much like they might engage a structural engineer or MEP engineer.  If you have a space that you want to elevate beyond the four walls, and you are looking for someone who not only creates innovative designs but understands how it needs to be built ... we want to partner with you!


How are you competing with the AMAZON effect?  What can you do to differentiate your brick and mortar space to drive demand?  How are you blurring the line between transaction and experience?  Although this is a very complex discussion, it comes down to transcending the transaction space and creating an experience that takes advantage of the physical environment to add value and reinforce your brand!


FUNRULY has extensive experience in creating, transforming, and developing the restaurant experience from both the themed design & development that works in conjunction with the brand, all the way through the architectural requirements to execute the delivered space.  Now more than ever, experience is vital to compliment your menu and increase the demand for your hospitality offering.

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We serve ...

Mall Owners

From the overarching "community" of your mall culture to seasonal experiences, FUNRULY offers unique ways to activate your space, build community, and drive traffic that makes your space highly desired and attractive among prospective tenants.

City EDDs

The right experience builds community, and the right community builds experience.  FUNRULY can create a sense of place, events that drive involvement, and interaction that creates connection.

Zoos / Museums / Aquariums / Planetariums

Whether you want to create a new interactive kiosk, themed trash receptacles to teach stewarding of the environment, or gamifying an attraction; no project is too small or obscure.  We dream big even on small tasks.  With our complimentary experience in restaurant and retail, we can also assist in those areas that represent revenue generation.

Theme Parks / Water Parks / FECs

FUNRULY offers blue sky services to help draw out the wild, the outlandish, and the memorable never before seen ideas that lie deep within your IP.  From food carts to lands, we just see things differently, love to explore, and aren't afraid to take risks.

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We serve ...


FUNRULY offers a complete range of design services to developers including master planning, programming, site design, entitlement services, concept design ... and much more.  We have the ability to take the routine and elevate it, including repurposing spaces in an ever changing marketplace.

Medical Office Buildings / Medical Service Spaces

FUNRULY offers creative immersive environments that can help ease the tension of an otherwise uncomfortable space.  Beyond simply creative interiors, we develop a connection for even the most anxiety driven spaces.  Patients of any age will appreciate a space that offers a respite experience.

Schools and Learning Centers

Make learning fun, hands on, messy, thought provoking, and social.  We can gamify your learning objectives, create problem solving challenges, and make the intangible tangible.

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How can we serve you?


We thrive on challenge - doing the never before been done.  If you have a space you want to activate and engage guests, we want to talk.  Please feel free to reach out for a creative consultation!

If you want to create a unique experience for your next project, we would love to chat.  More than that, we would love to assist in helping you elevate the investment in your project to ensure you not only meet your objectives, but exceed it as well through creative designs, innovative fabrication, and one-of-kind immersive guest experiences.  Please feel free to reach out to schedule a free creative consultation, and allow us to discuss how we can help.

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