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We lead the creative process in discovering


It all starts with the right idea!  Every project starts with a blank canvas ... an empty sheet of paper.  By using proven brainstorming methods we develop ways of thinking about a subject and accomplishing the objective that is both new and original.  Discovering "the idea" is a complex but critical step in the success of the design and delivery of the ultimate experience.  Using a variety of creative thinking methods, exercises, processes, and unique ways of looking at BIG IDEAS, we help ideate spaces in order to elevate the experience that connects with guests, reinforces the brand, and conveys the story & narrative of any space.  This step helps define the guiding principles by which all subsequent decisions are made.


Concept Sketch
Undisclosed location.



We help visualize the project through

Visualization of a project goes well beyond creating renderings.  It includes creating the story and narrative of the space which includes a very holistic approach and an overall scenic experience design.  Experience driven spaces are much more than theme, they provide a place for guests to interact, suspend disbelief, and create their own story.  Offering a wide variety of concept design services we accomplish a 360 degree design in order to make the experience seamless and unobstructed.  This includes, but is not limited to ...


Master Planning

By developing high-level long-term planning documents, we are able to provide a road map that helps inform and guide future growth and development. The master plan is about making the connection between the program, the spaces, people, and the overall experience.


Architectural Design

Working closely with the client's design team or directly with the client, the story and narrative of the theme and experience is considered in the overall architectural design and vernacular of the project.  This includes exterior massing, materials, application of IP, and details that reinforce the story of the project.


Exhibit Design

The design of the exhibit is meant to celebrate the subject matter in such a way that it does not compete or distract.  It involves leveraging the senses and preserving the authenticity of the presentation.  It is an intimate point of contact between the guest and the subject matter.  The design, fabrication, and installation requires careful attention to detail to ensure the guest is both emotionally connected and that the narrative is conveyed.


Guest Experience

We live in an experience driven world.  Guest experience is vital for creating a successful space that is capable of  transcending more than just the transaction it was designed for.  We develop the story and the way in which guests interact with the space through that story.


Interior Theming & Design

We design with light, color, texture, and materials in developing spaces.  The interior design process is integrated in helping to tell both the story and create the suspension of disbelief for guests.  Thoughtful design is given to reinforce the story being told.


Branding & Trade Dress

Developing and orchestrating the brand in a space helps deliver the message, image and experience.  The method by which it is woven into the design is critical in reinforcing the value of the story being told.  It is a vital component in creating recall and ancillary value.  This  art of communication needs to successfully resonate and work in tandem with the balance of the space and features.


Concept Imagery

Concept design takes form through a variety of media.  It includes renders, digital 3D models, fly throughs, physical models, prototypes and other media.  We make the intangible idea tangible for the client, the investor, and the promotion presented to all stakeholders.


Space Planning

Space planning is closely related to the both the immersive experience and interior design process. It includes defining spaces for particular activities, experiences, circulation patterns, public versus private spaces, and code analysis to name a few.  It is a forward thinking process that ultimately drives the final design and allows the guest to immerse themselves into the narrative of the space.


Graphic Design

Through the graphic design process we create visual communication that incorporates imagery and text to create logos, identities, signage  and promotional materials that help foster and guide the experience.  Graphic communication, way finding, and illustrated imagery serve to  create excitement and anticipation.


Restaurant Design
Las Vegas, NV



We work closely with

Fabrication is an art form in and of itself.  From the moment we start the brainstorming process, we are considering how best to fabricate in order to deliver the intended experience.  We take value engineering very personally.  Our VE process does not default to cutting design, but rather figuring out solutions to provide the same design in the most efficient cost effective manner possible.  This is after all the art of the craft.  We work with a network of of fabricators and installers to maintain the highest level of design during each project, and we take tremendous care to ensure that all shop and field decisions maintain and respect the design intent.  Fabrication and installation methods are just as important as every decision and idea preceding it, and therefore no job is complete until the guest experiences it for the first time when the doors open.


Shop Drawings

Because we conceive and design the experience from start to finish, the design is both guarded and very cohesive by being heavily involved in the fabrication of each component as well.  As such, we are constantly looking forward and backward through the entire process until the paint dries to ensure that concept, design, and fabrication is indistinguishable.


Art Direction & Installation

Fabrication does not end once the items that were designed for the space are completed - installation is an integral part of that process as well.  Regardless of the fabrication team chosen, we serve as an onsite art director to ensure the vision is completed in accordance with the design which includes adjusting and fine tuning along the way.


DJ Booth
Las Vegas, NV

If you want to create a unique experience for your next project, we would love to chat.  More than that, we would love to assist in helping you elevate the investment in your project to ensure you not only meet your objectives, but exceed it as well through creative designs, innovative fabrication, and one-of-kind immersive guest experiences.  Please feel free to reach out to schedule a free creative consultation, and allow us to discuss how we can help.

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