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Blue Sky
Full Service Architectural

As both a design studio and architectural firm, we provide a full service solution from concept design through final occupancy.  Using tried and true methods for the design, production, and engineering of a space, we are able to deliver the space not just dream it.


Programming includes researching and quantifying performance and design criteria for a project's goals and objectives.  It serves as the guidelines for decision making.  Programming is a key exercise in ensuring the project meets the objectives.

Site Design

Site design includes the layout of the buildings, roadways, landscape features and other site specific objectives.  It takes into consideration setbacks, easements, and municipal codes along with natural site features.  It has a tremendous influence on the project, and must work collaboratively with the other objectives of the program.

Guest Experience

We live in an experience driven world.  Guest experience is vital for creating a successful space that is capable of  transcending more than just the transaction it was designed for.  We develop the story and the way in which guests interact with the space.

Branding & Trade Dress

Developing and orchestrating the brand in a space helps deliver the message, image and experience.  The method by which it is woven into the design is critical in reinforcing the value of the story being told.  It is a vital component in creating recall and ancillary value.

Interior Design

We design with light, color, texture, and materials in developing spaces.  The interior design process is integrated in helping to tell both the story and create the suspension of disbelief for guests.  Thoughtful design is given to reinforce the story being told.

Exhibit Design

The design of the exhibit is meant to celebrate the subject matter in such a way that it does not compete or distract.  It involves leveraging the senses and preserving the authenticity of the presentation.  Is is an intimate point of contact between the guest and the subject matter.  The design requires careful attention to detail.

Concept Design

Concept design takes form through a variety of media.  It includes renders, digital 3D models, fly throughs, physical models, prototypes and other media.  We make the intangible idea tangible for the client, the investor, and the promotion.

Master Planning

By developing high-level

long-term planning documents, we are able to provide a road map that helps inform and guide future growth and development. The master plan is about making the connection between the program, the spaces, people, and the overall experience.

Space Planning

Space planning is closely related to the interior design process. It includes defining spaces for particular activities, experiences, circulation patterns, public versus private spaces, and code analysis to name a few.  It is a forward thinking process that ultimately drives the final design.

Graphic Design

Through the graphic design process we create visual communication that incorporates imagery and text to create logos, identities, signage  and promotional materials that help foster and guide the experience.  Graphic communication, way finding, and illustrated imagery serve to  create excitement and anticipation