As both a design studio and an architecture firm, FUNRULY specializes in creating user experiences for a wide variety of project types and a broad range of clients.  The "experience factor" has always been an important element in nearly every market sector, but it is quickly becoming increasing vital to the success of every project type in response to an ongoing evolving consumer demand and rising expectations.

While we could list project and client types that benefit from our services, it is important to understand that the "Immersive Experience" transcends and reaches into all market sectors.  There are obvious project types such as restaurants, retail, hospitality, themed attractions, education, science centers etc., but don't lose sight of the fact that we can produce an immersive experience for anyone and set them apart from the rest of the marketplace.  We do this through the following core services, but we also stray on occasion to offer more depending on the particular objective.  Review the following to get an idea of what we do ... but more importantly click here to reach out to discuss what we can do for you!


All projects start with a story to help inform and guide the design decisions that form the development of each experience.  Using space, technology and art, we create stories that move guests to act in a personal and memorable way.


Using the story as the guiding principle, we next draw out a large volume of wild ideas using proven brainstorming methods that result in discovering a long list of never before seen concepts.


Story and brainstorming inform a wide variety of content.  Part of that content is the brand.  We develop branding opportunities, trade dress, and imaging that reinforces the story being told.


The master plan serves to bring all of the ideas and branded imagery into focus.  We organize, assemble and create the overall experience into a tangible set of drawings that serve to communicate the experience and story.


Drilling down deeper into more specific ideas, we develop a range of concept drawings, sketches, models and other media to help narrow in on the final experience.  In many instances, the concept helps refine and enhance the story.


The final step is to gather the ideas into a working set of drawings for fabrication, permits, shop drawings, engineering, and agency requirements.  Using traditional architectural practices, we take "the idea" and facilitate the built environment.

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