AFWERX Recruiting Challenge

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Working collaboratively with FIRST PERSON XPERIENCE, the objective was to develop an interactive immersive recruiting experience for both candidates and their families to provide a better understanding of the opportunities and  careers offered with the Air Force.  There were several experiences presented that could either be used altogether or as a scalable installation depending on the logistics of the space and/or the venue utilized.

Reception Room:  Candidates are able to register their initial information for a more personalized experience.  Candidates also have opportunity to speak with Air Force recruiters, get additional information, and explore careers and educational opportunities through interactive kiosks before entering the immersive experience rooms.

Into The Future  Candidates and family members are able to interactively review different time lines and career paths with comparison to parallel civilian opportunities for the same time lines.  Information is provided both graphically and through videos.  Candidates and their family members can drill down into as much information as needed on any particular subject and create a profile of information that can be printed to create an information packet highly relevant to their interests.

Talk To An Airman:  Candidates will have the opportunity to speak on-on-one with an airman that is actively involved in the same career path that interests the candidate.  The interactive kiosk links a candidate with a previously identified mentor and allows them to ask specific questions, while also allowing the airman the opportunity to present real world first hand experience to the candidate.

Rescue 1:  Using an immersive design approach, candidates are able to participate in a real world challenge that includes rescuing a downed pilot.  Using a variety of sensory technology to bring the experience to life, the candidate is suited up and rappels from a Black Hawk helicopter where they meet up with the downed pilot and complete their rescue mission.

Immersive Theater:  Presentations and an overview of what the Air Force has to offer with regard to careers, education, training and experiences is presented in a fully immersive theater.  The theater leverages technology to create a highly sensory experience.  Sound, haptics, video, and motion help to transport the audience into a unique experience to help tell the story of what the Air Force does and how they do it - and helps to create a connection with candidates as they explore opportunities that match their interest.

Mission Control:  Using an escape room and first person experience platform, candidates are briefed for one of several missions and must complete the mission to succeed.  Each mission is designed to test candidates and expose them to real world Air Force challenges that leverage problem solving, decision making within pressured constraints, and other logistic skill sets.

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