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A good brand touches the heart and emotions of a person.  It is one that has attained a high level of recollection with the intended target audience to the level of being preferred.  Developing a good brand consists of combining the right ingredients.  Knowing what your industry and clients value  helps focus the brand and informs all design decisions.  A good brand requires editing; It will fail if it tries to be all things to all people.  Knowing your industry and client helps create personality, relevant connection, and an overall positive first impression.  A successful brand is one that excites those who are responsible for promoting it and resonates with all who represent it.

BRAND IS ALL INCLUSIVE ... Characteristics that contribute to a successful brand include:

1. Purpose and Objective

Understand what people are looking to identify with when considering a company.  Communicate value and address expectations quickly and concisely ... give the audience something to clearly connect with.  A brand should be clever but not cryptic, as well as complex but simple.  The brand is a concise advertising message that must garner attention quickly and leave the audience with a tangible message.

2. Timeless

Understand that people's taste and interest change over time.  Creating a brand that is unique and timeless is essential.  Avoid dependency on trends, and attempt to be as culturally neutral as possible in order to appeal to as wide a market demographic as possible.  However, if the objective is to convey, and/or market a particular cultural experience, that rule may not apply.  In fact, just the opposite may be true.  In that case the branded experience is reinforced through cultural overtones.  In either case though, a good brand should stand the test of time.

3. Personality

The ability to differentiate yourself from other competitors is found in the ability to create personality.  Personality in brand creates invitation, draws people in, and maintains a relationship.  A good personality is unique, interesting, and attractive.

4. Consistent

Brand should be consistent but not boring.  Consistency creates trust and a resolute image.

5. Simplicity

A good brand, image, and all of the elements that reinforce the brand should be simple AND interesting.  This is the basic formula for being memorable and unforgettable.  If the brand is too simple (or common) and lacks interest, it will will be hard for people to recall.  Like a good story or piece of music, the brand should have a hook.  On the other hand, if it is too complex and someone has to work at visually navigating the message and/or imagery, it will either get overlooked or get lost visually.  For example, one of the basic rules of thumb found in a good logo is that it should be reducible to a black and white image without losing any integrity.  In fact, working from a black and white image is a great place to start, since it can always work forward with colors, shadows, textures, etc. for other applications.  That's not say that you must have a single image that is reducible to black and white, but rather the image is uniquely recognizable in what ever form it takes (color form or B&W form).

6. Interesting

Working in conjunction with simplicity is "interest".  People want to engage and connect with a brand and the associated marketing; they don't want to simply be told.  This lends itself to taking advantage of a variety of resources and events.  Create story, create personality, and most of all create experience with your brand.

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